One Minute Ministry is an outreach work of Calgary Free Presbyterian Church. Each short episode is aired twice daily on AM700 The Light (a local Christian radio station in Calgary) at approximately 7:40am and 4:20pm Monday through Friday.

But not everyone lives in Calgary, and not everyone in Calgary can tune in every day.

Thus, we created A home for every episode that you can listen to at a time that suits your schedule. Each episode is released on this website on the same day it is aired over the radio, and if you use iTunes, you can subscribe here.

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Calgary Free Presbyterian Church

The only reason this feature is possible is through the support of Calgary FPC, a congregation committed to knowing, living, and sharing the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

For many years the church has supported putting out God’s Word across the airwaves to the blessing of many. The prayer is that each episode of this work will have the same result, blessing you and leading you to a deeper appreciation of the love of God in Christ.

If you are in the Calgary area, please visit this Sunday. We would love for you to participate with us as together we worship our risen Saviour. For more details go to

Program Host

One Minute Ministry is hosted by the pastor of Calgary Free Presbyterian Church, Rev. Armen Thomassian. Growing up in Northern Ireland, Armen had a godless youth, and through most of his teenage years was a professed atheist. However, at the age of 19 Armen was converted to Jesus Christ.

He immediately¬†immersed himself in evangelism, and was blessed to be part of a church that quickly taught him the vital place that prayer and the Word of God have in the believer’s life.

Four and a half years after his conversion, he was sent by the FPC Mission Board to preach in Australia, after which he returned to Northern Ireland for theological training. After receiving a unanimous call from Calgary Free Presbyterian Church, he moved with his wife and two children to commence the pastorate in January 2015.